For children and young people with Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and similar needs.

Our Services

We offer outcomes focused and personalised services to children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum, ADHD and similar needs. We aim to provide enjoyable and enriching experiences to our children and young people to promote social, communication and life skills.

Boundless Saturday Clubs

A special interest club where children enjoy their love of bricks and trains together in a safe and relaxed setting.

Boundless Holiday Club

This club is an exciting combination of not only fun with our model trains and bricks but also many different fun activities such as slime making, circuits, origami, art&craft, sensory activities, board games and puzzles, outdoors and guest workshops!

Boundless Youth initiative

A community based initiative where youth mentors will take young people out in small groups based on their needs and interests, to enjoy activities with like minded peers.

About Us

Boundless Care has been founded with the aim to provide community based services for children and young people with Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and similar needs. We provide outcome focused services to our children and young people which are specifically designed to develop and improve the social and communication skills of the participants. Our provisions give young people the opportunity to pursue hobbies and interests of their choice. We support them to engage with peers which helps in building social confidence, making friends and improving their communication skills.


  • Developing and maintaining an active and social life for our children & young people
  • Improving social participation and community involvement for our young people
  • Building life skills and other new skills based on choice and interest
  • Providing a short break for families
  • Enabling effective participation and choice of our children & young people and their families
  • Being a responsive and evolving service
Our Vision

To enable our young people to be independent, happy and confident so that they can achieve their potential.

Our Story

As founders, Sobhana and Meghna have over 28 years of experience working with disabled children and their families in the UK. They are both qualified social workers and are both passionate about working with children with additional needs. In the course of their careers, they have both time and again experienced that the kind of personalised services requested by the children and their families are hard to find and/ or are limited in their scope and provision. For many years they have both wondered and contemplated how they could do something about it.

When they met, Shobhana and Meghna very quickly realised that they have the same passion and drive to try and make a real difference. So, they decided to put their collective knowledge, skills and experience to work and build Boundless Care to provide the quality and personalised provisions they always wanted for the children and young people they worked with.

Though Shobhana and Meghna have started on a very small scale, they have many ideas and enthusiasm to grow this in to something that can actually fulfill their vision of enabling our young people to become independent, happy and confident.

Shobhana Verma, Co- Founder and Director

I have 20 years of experience working with disabled children and their families. I started my journey in the voluntary sector in India after completing my Masters in Social work from Delhi University. I headed the Capacity Building Team of a Spanish NGO where amongst others, I started a School for Children with Cerebral Palsy, the first of its kind in Pune, India. I have worked in the UK in statutory social work with children with disabilities for more than 14 years. I have always been dedicated to the cause of advocating for children with additional needs and have recently also trained as a Lego Based Therapist and a paediatric first aider. During the course of my career I met Meghna, who apart from being like-minded was equally dedicated to the cause and so we started Boundless Care together to deliver our joint vision.

Meghna Chakravarty, Co- Founder and Director

I started working with children and young people with disabilities more than 15 years ago as a young person. I took my passion further and continued to work with disabled people during my Master Degree in Social Work and later on in the voluntary sector. In 2005, I became a qualified social worker and joined the Disabled Children’s Services in London and then the Great London Area. All along I have been passionate about not only working with disabled children but also the profession of social work. I was a practice educator for student social workers for 7 years. I have now decided to put all my experience, knowledge and skills in developing and delivering an outstanding service/ provision for children and young people with learning disabilities and Autism. I am a trained Lego Based Therapist, a paediatric first aider and a qualified Trainer. I am fortunate to have Shobhana, a dear friend and ex-colleague with me in co-founding Boundless Care.

Leire Serna Morte, Club Play Lead

I hold a degree in Business and Administration and have worked in the Business and Accounting sector for 7 years. I recognized my interest in working with children when I went travelling to Armenia and got involved with a Rehabilitation Centre working for children with additional needs. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working there and subsequently when I moved to the UK, I took on the role of a carer/ support worker for a child with learning disabilities. Very quickly, I realised that my real passion is working for children with additional needs. For the last two years, I have been working full-time in a Special School for profound and multiple disabilities, supporting children every day. I am a highly motivated and energetic person and I particularly enjoy my time with the children. I am currently working towards completing my NVQ Level 3 Qualification. I am excited to be part of Boundless Care, working to provide the best care and support to our children and giving them opportunities to learn and to have fun together.

We are currently looking for people who are passionate about working with children and young people with Autism and learning disabilities and thrive on helping children and young people achieve their goals.

We are an organisation that nurtures our team, recognises and values hard work and is committed to your career progression.
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